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The destruction of the tropical rainforest is caused more by the activities of humans than any natural damage that occurs. This deforestation by humans is quite extensive and often irreversible. Factors such as oil extraction, mining, logging, war, fires, destroying trees for building materials, and hunting and poaching all caused drastic reductions in the endangered rainforest.

It wasn't until the most extensive threat would change nature forever---pollution! Not just any pollution, but radioactive waste that was illegally drained into streams that fed water into the rainforest. At the same time, a cybernetic gene therapy laboratory had an accidental explosion, resulting in thousands of human DNA samples entering the adjoining river that also fed the rainforest.

This perfect storm of radioactive waste and human DNA was absorbed into newly formed tree bulbs, creating the world's first hybrid between humans and trees! These newly developed lifeforms were then imbued with exponential intelligence allowing them to quickly understand moral, scientific, mathematical, and philosophical concepts that took humans ages to understand. Within mere weeks the newly sentient trees salvaged the destroyed laboratory and enhanced themselves with cybernetic augments found at the blast zone. These now cyber-humanoid trees, later referred to by everyone around the globe as CyberTrees, had one and only purpose and mission in mind--to stop and prevent all destruction of the rainforest to ensure its existence for generations to come. But this task was a difficult one.

Initially, humans did not readily accept these new earthen lifeforms. Most nations around the globe determined the CyberTrees to be a significant threat to the human race. Humans had not yet encountered another sentient race and one just popping up on their doorstep was a huge red flag for most organizations around the world. Many attempts were made by the nations of humans to destroy the rainforest and the CyberTree "menace." But, all of their attempts were in vain. From deployments of human soldiers to carpet bombings and chemical warfare, the CyberTrees had advanced far faster than anyone could have ever anticipated. Using technologies humans didn't believe were possible, the CyberTrees repelled the humans time and time again. But this isn't what this new blossoming species wanted... they wanted peace and, more importantly, the ability to teach the humans a new way.

They wanted humans to understand the importance of the environment and the living, breathing world around them. They could show humans a new way to develop technology and revolutionize industry without destroying the earth they so love. It will take time, but diplomatic negotiations have just begun between the two races. The future is looking a little more green.


Holder Benefits

  • Exclusive free merch drops - You can view samples of shirts and hats.
  • Rewards for long-term holders such as free mints and priority minting for future advancements in the CyberSeries
  • Access to future collections such as CyberWeapons
  • Access to a SandboxGame plot that will serve as a hub for our future voxel collection!
  • Support the longevity of our planet by contributing towards our $40,000 donation to an environmental charity.
  • (Exclusive) Access (to CyberTrees NFT holders) to SOL giveaways, community game nights, community movie nights, free entry poker tournaments, and more events with large prizes!




Our first goal is to ensure we have a smooth public sale launch to ensure you're able to own a CyberTree NFT

We also have lots of community giveaways, collabs, and events planned leading up until our launch!



After all the 8,888 CyberTrees have been minted, we will announce the pool of charities our members will be able to vote on. Once the voting has commenced, we will donate $40,000 to the environmental charity our community has chosen. Along with this, we will open the official CyberTrees merch store.

We will then establish our community fund to back future community endeavours, giveaways, and exclusive perks for our holders. This will also include devoting some of these funds to purchasing CyberTrees listed at the floor for giveaways and promotions.

Royalties Will Be Used Towards

  • Operational costs
  • Events
  • Floor buys
  • Marketing
  • And more!

The future of CyberTrees

In the future, we plan to expand the Cyber metaverse by continually launching future sets and expansions of the Cyber series. (NFT Holders will always have priority access!) (Holding 1 CyberTrees - Presale Spot, 2 CyberTrees - discount from mint, 3+ CyberTrees (for every 3 CTs) - you get 1 free NFT from the all new collections and all before mentioned benefits (Presale + reduced price)

1/1 Art drops by our talented artist Vipey with 100% of sale proceeds going to charity and future artist collaborations.

We will also be distributing gallery-grade fine art paper prints to random long-term holders! (Minimum of 3 CyberTrees held for 3+ months!)













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